TM Energy, LLC is owned and operated by Tony Mirabella.  A career energy professional, Tony spent nearly 30 years with the Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, serving several roles from project manager to Vice President, Engineering and Operations.

While working for CNG, Tony was also responsible for the Hartford Steam Company, the first-ever commercial district heating and cooling provider in the world, serving Downtown Hartford, CT.  Among many achievements throughout his tenure, he expanded the plant to 20,000 ton capacity, designed and installed a heat exchanger for chilled water production using nearby river water, and installed the first fuel cell power plant, providing thermal energy to district heating and cooling.

During the 1980s, Tony was elected President of the International District Heating and Cooling Association (IDEA), and in 1999, he received the Norman Taylor award for energy innovation.

In 2002, he founded TM Energy, LLC in a move to provide global energy dominators and up-and-coming providers with sound consulting and management services. 

As Principal of TM Energy, Tony has served on the board of several companies including TurboTec PLC, a manufacturer of high efficiency heat exchanger products including heat recovery solutions for residential, commercial and industrial users. He has also assisted Tasan, a Chinese valve manufacturer, in the marketing of its products at international trade shows.

Tony has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from Western New England College.

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